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Surf Rod for Sale/Trade

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Selling Penn Guide Series Rod


Rated 1-4 Ounces.


has Fuji Guides and Reel Seat, Barely used .


Bought for $110


Looking for $70.. Long Island Pick up only.


will trade for pluggage/gear also. make an offer on the trades.


looking for either 2 BM's, RM's whatever ... 1 704z anything like that... 9 ft tica dolphin will do too.. as i said make an offer on trades ill hear all offers


added rubber butt cap to butt ... didnt like one it came with... Sorry for the photos.. .can take close ups if needed



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yeap, sorry should have posted that ...



this is a 9 ft rod.


would prefer not to ship but will do so if buyer pays actuall cost of shipping (meaning i wont just give you a fedic high price, ill find out first and give you price once it is boxed up and postage is paid)



wiill also meet people places and do trades... I dont use it since i got my st croix and lami and its a waste!

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View Postsorry, I'm looking for something more local.. would be willing to ship in north east... not looking to spend 20+ for shipping


thanks for your interest though





What shipping method? Not trying to push the trade or anything, but shipping to Hawaii is not much more than shipping to another location on the east coast. Via USPS priority I got calculated shipping to be about 10 bucks from 11706 (Bay Shore Long Island) to 96744 (sunny hawaii). Compare that to let's say shipping to 22301 alexandria virginia which is about 6 bucks.


My calculation was based on a 2 pound package, length 60 inches, width 6 inches, height 6 inches, and girth 18 inches as requested by usps.


Anyways, I guess it just bothers me when people make a generalization about shipping to west coast/hawaii. I understand why you may think that because at one point shipping was costly from coast to coast. I'm like you as I'm still a little hesistent when it comes to shipping international. It's unkown, "unchartered waters". However now days with the rise of internet sales, competition from other delivery companies, and extensive delivery network, prices have become more competitive.


The great thing about this website is that it connects people from all over with one thing in common: a love for fishing. What started out as "east coast" forum has now drawn people beyond hawaii and the US. I have been a member now for several years now and I have bought and sold items (reels, poles etc) from people living on the east coast and had nothing but smooth transactions.


This response was not intended to mock/insult you in any way. I'm just speaking out for us increasing number of forum guys here in the 808 and to let everyone know that dealing with us can be an option. smile.gif


If you would still like to work something out with a trade, I'm still open. If not, no problem. I just figured we each have something that the other is interested in.


Tight Lines. Cory

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hey corey just put it in and its $29.15 to hawaii for priority and 10.10 for parcel (with additional shipping charges) I would love to do the trade but thats just a little more than i am willing to spend. Thanks for your interest



liv2fish.. shipping to you would be $4.75 im willing to ship to you if you pay additional cost of shipping.

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