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Jetty Question

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I am trying to learn more about being selective when chosing where to fish. I have attached a picture of a jetty that I have fished that confuses me.


I have caught bluefish off the end and seen fluke caugh to the left where the swirl is but I see people fishing often to the right.


Fluking to the left seems to be a good choice as the swirling current keeps bait in correct or no? To the right, people chose it because of the moving water or because of the depth.


Blues and bass, fish do move but to increase my chances, which is best?


Sorry about the picture, I tried to crop it the best I could to avoid spot burning. wink.gif


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Program like google earth but made by microsoft

Probably in their Downloads section on their site or try downloads dot com.



When fishing a jetty alot of variables come into play.

Tide phase ,winds, surf conditions ,time of day/night, moon /lack there of etc.


Seems to me If the guys are fishing the right side(as we are looking at the pic) Its probably because of depth and water movement and also there might

be some deep structure that may or may not be visable at low tide .

You may not be able to lay eyes on structure but you will be able to tell its there by watching the water at low tide .

Also if thats one of a few Jetties with alot of distance between them it may be a spot the fish use to trap bait up against but that depends on winds , tide strength and phases.

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If there are times when you can cast along the sides so that your lure comes back to you with the current, do it. If you can reach past the end and have your lure land so it will come back to you across some of the end and with the current, do it. And when the current is slack toss a bucktail at a right angles, retrieve by bouncing on the bottom, move about ten rocks, repeat.


And when fishing for Stripers try to remember, they "like" to keep their backs wet but they don't make that a hard and fast rule. Fish your stuff to the sand or in your case the rocks.



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View Postwild guess, google earth



Not Google earth. It is maps.live.com, Wiseguy called it.


Copied using print screen, saved to a publisher file, and then I cropped out address and identity marks.


Used bird's eye view.


Can't take credit though, had to have someone show me how to do that.

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Thanks guys, this is helping.


The photo is taken at low tide and it is a short jetty. You might be able to make out the beach under the 2D and 3D label. At high tide, only the very end is exposed and not by much. You can't walk out as I would guess there is a foot or two of water over the top.

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Look like there a nice eddy forming ofthe tip to the "south". See the murky water. Find out what tide eddys like then set up on. Then fish in and around those rips. Im far from a rock hopper but this kind of thing has worked for me.

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