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Brand new fixter cigars and a few used pikies

johnnys rock

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1 yellow body orange head pikie 6in 2.5oz. fished half a dozen times.still in excellent fishing condition.$18


1 lime green pikie 5.5in. 2.25oz same comdition as above pikie.$18


1 pearl pikie 6in. 2.5oz same condition as above pikies.$18



mine please meaning " I'll take the 3"


or how much for the lot?

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View PostFishnh the pikies are 3 pikies are yours.

The total for the lot is $239


I will take $230 for the lot plus shipping


I forgot to state that I can only take paypal at this time.

If this is a problem for you fishnh my apologies




so $54 for the 3 pikies? I need your paypal info. please send me a pm. thank you Dave


Any picture btw?

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View Postif i screwed up and eddie should of got that plug my apologies.If eddie will send me his info via pm I will send him a pikie on the house for the screw up but he will have to pay shipping!!!



PM will be sent shortly. Are you sure??

The fool who persists in his folly will soon become wise.
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