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Would Obama have won if........

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...there were no "vote aqui" signs at the polling stations??? I assume the non-English-speaking-people would have gotten lost and would not have been able to cast their vote....of course they are all liberal and found their way and voted for Obama.


....If Lindsay Lohan did not endorse him.???...What if she did not endorse him???...he would have lost all the 20 something drug addict vote.


.....If he was white????....alot of people voted for him soley based on color, whites and blacks alike. Bleeding heart liberals felt oh so good voting for a black guy.


....If liberals didn't spend the last 8 years building Anti-America Anti-conservative sentiment??? They did quiet a good job making us (America) look like a bunch of Anti-American asses in the past 8 years.

he leakin
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If he was white, I'm sure some of the south could have found it easier to vote for him, even considering how conservative it is. Also, the minorities that flocked to him would not have been as likely to vote.all in all, you cant predict an election.



but jeez did you see the electoral map around 9pm? Looked like the damn Mason-Dixon Line.

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