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Be Careful part 2

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AVON - Police have identified the recreational fisherman who they believe drowned when a wave washed over the jetty and knocked him into the Shark River Inlet Wednesday morning.

Kevin S. Hodge, 47, of East Brunswick, died Wednesday, said Police Chief Terry Mahon police.


He was among five or six men who were fishing, and he was the furthest out on the jetty, police said. Police believe a wave crashed over the jetty and knocked him into the water.


One fisherman had a cell phone and he dialed 911. Two Good Samaritans were among those who jumped into the water to try to save Hodge, police said.


They were able to get him to the water's edge, near the jetty, and with help from police, and other members of Area Network Shore Water Emergency Response (ANSWER) Team, he was pulled from the inlet, police said.


Hodge was brought to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, where he was pronounced dead at 11:56 a.m., said Mahon.

A lullaby the breezes whisper...... RIP BREWROOM
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I was fishing one of those jetties about eight years ago and hooked a nice fish that got off. Some younger guys saw me and joined me out there. The waves were pretty big so I tried to stay back from the tip. I looked over and saw one kid fishing who was wearing sneakers. He gave me a look like "I'm not afraid of anything!" and smiled.

I looked over a minute later and he wasn't there. A huge wave had sucked him into the water and he was treading water pretty far out already. Me and the other guys were thinking of casting to him but decided to use the rope that was tied to the little tower. Luckily it was long enough to reach him.

The kid had to let go of his rod & reel to be able to swim over to the rope. We pulled him near and as a wave crested he flew over the "T" part of the jetty over to the other side. The Coast Guard and ambulances came and attended to him.

That was in broad daylight and we were able to think quickly.


Chances are when you get knocked over that you'll hit your head on those slimey rocks. They'll crack your head open and probably knock you out then you'll drown.


No fish is worth losing your life over. wink.gif

The Bucks stop here...

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Yes people take safety for granted,one of the most common mistakes i see is people with waders and no belt,i know some waders don't come with belts but people need to know that they are a must,falling in the water with waders is like jumping in with 100 pounds tied to you. At the beginning of the summer i was fishing from the shore and had my waders on , it got really hot so i loosed the belt,and removed my jacket a wave crashed right in front of me and splashed gallons of water inside the waders.Reality quickly sinked in, on the thought of being further in the water and this happening, the weight of the waders was unbelievable, i felt really scared and helpless for a moment ,especially since i had my kids with mecwm31.gif.

This is why with the correct rules i approve a salt water fishing license,mini courses on safety,conduct and more on site police to enforce it.

David A.K.A Dave the wildman
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Not criticizing what you said, but dying doing something you love does absolutly nothing for those left behind. Dead is dead no matter how you cut it. I feel that is just a way to rationalize the risks one is willing to take. It really doesn't matter what you were doing especially if you are taking too much risk. Sure, you can burn in skydiving, fall off a mountain or whatever. If you take too much risk you are nothing but selfish towards the one's who love you. He made choices.


I was once told that everything that happens to you is a chain of events. If it ends up badly, if only one link in that chain was broken (making a different decision), the bad event wouldn't have happened. Sorry, but the possibility of catching a fish is not worth dying for even if I love it.

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