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Rush defending Palin!!!

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I kind of feel badly for her. She's kind of being a scapegoat for an election McCain couldn't win with or without her. Now she has all of her stupidity spread around the globe and everyone is laughing at her.


But I don't feel THAT badly for her. She got an opportunity that many people will never have.

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View PostI know,


I started this thread for those Republicans who were hoping for a return to Conservative Principles....

this won't happen until they get contol of their blowhorns.



No you didn't ....you started this thread for the same reason you start all of them. High hopes of some nit wit stepping on their pecker so you can swoop in and show everyone how witty and smart you are, and that there is a good reason your cranium is the size of a pumpkin.....HappyWave.gif

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