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Dow is Spinning Out of Control!! 6,000 Next Stop

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View PostDoesn't it have to hit 8000 and 7000 before we get to 6000? It climbed too fast for no good reason. We are in a recession with lots of bad economic news coming in.


normally yes, but did you see the picture headscratch.gifcwm31.gif

I humbly crave your indulgence to read this message with all seriousness of purpose devoid of any doubt in your mind because this project is based on Trust confidentiality and Sincerity of purpose in order to have an acceptable meeting of the minds.
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I didn't have any loss of cofidence in this country until Obama was elected. It has caused me to lose confidence in the journalists who are supposed to investigate and comment on presidential candidates. Instead they did nothing and Hope and Change and Oprah Winfrey got this schmuck elected.


Now I truly have lost cofidence in this country.


How is Obama gonna change that?


By raising taxes?


By punishing US corporations until they flee the land of Obama?


By raising capital gains taxes as a punitive measure?


By establishing a "natioanal civilian force with funding exceeding that of the US military?"


By CHANGE (out goes Paulson, of Goldman in comes Corzine of Goldman )?


By HOPE? ( I thought hope belonged to Bill Clinton)


By refusing to use existing energy sources(nuclear) and refusing to drill for oil in the US?


Most people I know have lost confidence in this country. And if you look at the popular vote final tally nearly 50 percent of those who voted feel the same. It was no major accomplishment to beat McCain (evreybody hates Bush-R, the media never treated BO as they would treat any other candidate, and he outspent McCain somewhere like 5 - 1).



What will be hard for BO is to show the US he deserved the win.



Yeah its gonna be a great run for Obama.



I hope evertbody who voted for Obama realizes what you just did.


And while we are at it if you voted for him why don't you go ahead and state right now exactly what you think Pres-elect Obama is going to do?



DO? as in get done....



I asked a few times before the elction and nobody ever answered.

if we're looking for a shark we're not gonna find him on the land

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View PostI blame Obama.



You may not be entirely wrong in that. Obama claims he'll be a great 'leader'. Now is a very good time to step up and to prove it, before he even takes office. Talk publicly about not raising taxes on dividends and capital gains, and see if it will help calm the markets. It could'nt hurt.

"I think, that all right thinking people, are sick & tired of being told that they're sick & tired of being sick & tired. I, for one, am not. And I'm sick & tired of being told that I am."
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Well BO has been going around since mid-Sept. saying "depression depression depression," more than Rudy says "nineelevennineelevennieeleven;" and, it helped him win the election....


so, how is he going to turn that around....he put the idea in peoples heads...self-fulfiling prophecy?


he better come out quick and say something positive, like "the economy is fundamentally sound,"beers.gifcwm27.gifcwm27.gifcwm27.gif

if we're looking for a shark we're not gonna find him on the land

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I hope evertbody who voted for Obama realizes what you just did.



How are people who voted for Obama supposed to realize what they just did when nothing has happened yet? headscratch.gif Unless you can see into the future, there's no way to know what this next presidency will mean to this country. But what we CAN do is look to the past to see what the last 8 years has brought wink.gif .

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