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Daunis ROW meeting 11/19/08

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Hello all.


I got discharged from the hospital yesterday and am back home convalescing. Thank you so much for all the thoughts and prayers. I am one of those whom happens to believe they work rather well to speed up and deepen my surgical recovery.


I have to say, I truly felt touched by you guys right after my procedure.


My surgery was last week, the same day of the Daunis ROW hearing. I am very passionate about this issue, and merely by the fact I am a Barrington resident were in a position where I may be "heard" louder. Right or wrong - that is life. Needless to say I was fit to be tied that I couldn't move my surgery.


I wrote to the Barrington Town Council etc. It was late that night, when my wife called, Mrs AT, and said she had some good news. I was about 5 hours post op. My abdomen had been sliced vertically for about 12" with about 50 stainless steel staples. I was on hallucinating levels of mophine and was pretty curious what was such good news.


She said SHE went to the ROW hearing and SHE spoke. she told me there were over 50 of you guys there, and that common sense prevailed and the ROW access was preserved and that the town would be interested in opening up more shore access.


As beat up as I was from the surgery etc, I just smiled and felt like I had been a little part of justice for just one day. It was VERY cool.


Thanks again for all your thoughts etc. Since I can't lift anything, nor drive, I might be up for a few jig tying, fly tying, teaser tying nights at my place. interested, PM me.



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