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Van Staal Finish Choice

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Mike Jamiolkowski

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There's as many reels that are all-silver as there are that are all black (or close enough to all silver). Probably more.


I went with Silver, and don't regret it at all.


That being said..... I do want to bling mine up with a gold spool and handle-knob, too. Not really willing to drop $300 to do it, though.

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I like silver for two reason.


For aesthetic reason, as mentioned, I feel the silver accentuates the superb technical engineering of the reel.


Second, I feel that if I get into trouble with windknots or tangles I can see the silver reel better at night.


After silver I'd have to go with black. I too find the gold a little gaudy.


My 2 cents.

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Have 2 black (250-300) 2 silver (200-275), 3 gold(300-300-275), Gold ?, guess thats the Italian in mecwm27.gif , I Like to match the reel to the wraps on my rods. they are without question the single most important piece of equitment I use, they spend many HRS underwater(wetsuiter), getting smashed on rocks,abusing Drags,etc,etc. And they wont quit!! Thanks V/Sclapping.gifclapping.gifclapping.gif

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