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Tips and tricks, got one ?

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I just thought i would post a thread with a trick for fixing a batch of slightly sticky flexcoat plugs. I spun about 20 plugs that i spent alot of time on and was horrified to find i mixed a bad batch of flexcoat.. I tried to coat over the mistake but they were still sticky, i tried leaving them outside for a month and they were somewhat better but still became sticky when in the sun. Finally i tried some regular car buffing compound then car paste wax and got rid of the problem. If anyone has some other unusual remidies for plug building errors or tips for improvements please post your tricks.

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I've used spackle to fill in small nicks or holes on my plugs. Haven't epoxied them yet, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.


also, if you are pouring lead into belly holes for weighting, make sure the tip of the forstner didn't go into the through-hole, otherwise you now have a plug full of lead that can't be wired cwm31.gif A remedy is to put one of those bamboo skewers through the plug in the through-hole before pouring.

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To line up belly holes to the through hole I take a piece of string and pin it into the tail through hole with a little peg. Then in one smooth motion I draw the taught string to the nose hole and either hold it in place or peg it. I then mark the lure on both sides of the string at the place I marked for holes. Then remove the string an take a punch and make a mark centered between the string side marks.


When I hydro-orient I take the additional step of making a line from the tail hole to the bottom center of the lure and use it as I draw the string to the nose.


One trick is to not think about it too much when using this technique. Let your subconscious guide your eye/hand coordination.

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