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I personally like the blind dannys myself.


Beachmaster makes his plugs in very short runs and distributes them through a few different shops areound the NE.


Last winter he was making dannys, then early last summer he was making wadd needles, Good luck in finding some of either. Not sure what he is planning on doing next, stay tuned in.


CMS tackle had the dannys last winter but he did not carry the needles, he is probably more than likely out of dannys also.


The Saltwater's Edge in RI also carrys BM plugs, but he is probably out also.


try E-Bay this winter, be patient and pick up a few here and there when you get the chance and before you know it...you will have a big box of plugs that you will not know what to do with.


Because he makes his plugs in individual batches his plugs will usually sell for more than most plugs, but his plugs are superior to most off of the wall plugs that you will find. the finish on them do not look to fancy, but you wil be able to fish the plug forever(or untill you lose it).

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