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Is this NE blow thats currently in action on the east coast of NJ good for fishing before, during or after it's gone?


I hear NE blow talked about all the time in threads but confused as to why its important enough to mention.


The question?.... What does "Wait til the NE blow" actually mean?

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Before the storm, when the wind just starts going NE it is usually productive, when it really starts blowing there are usually plenty of fish around ( I have fished in 20-30mph and caught fish on the fly, but many times I will grab the spinning gear if they are out past 40-50 feet, or try some spots in back or just go home), then when it starts to die down, depending on water conditions, it can also be very fish friendly. A NE, in general, will tighten everything up to the beach.


Also, it is possible to fly fish in fairly high winds, the more time and practice on the water in conditions like this will enable you to cope with the wind when casting...timing, stroke and line management when casting is much different in wind than on a calmer day. On days when it is really honkin' I will practice my casting into the wind, and quartering on my back casting shoulder (the worst wind for me)...It is usually frustrating, but I think I have made leaps and bounds as a caster because of it.

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I agree with Sea Tea. Too many give in just because of a little wind. Try casting a 9 or 10 wt rod with a very fast sinking WF line and a leader of about 1 foot in length. So often the fish are only about 20 to 30 feet out. You can mix it if you wear a wet suit and get tumbled around in the breaking wave. It's fun to.

Too few fish like this and miss out big time. Just where are the young Guys when the NE blows in fact where are most of us Fly Boys when that wind kicks in. Peversely it can be the easiest time to fish.



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At times I've used a half of a 30' 650 grain head for tough NE type conditions from a jetty. The 325 grains is close to what a 'true' 10 wt line is and the 15' length makes it easy to 'cast' and load the rod still. It's not pretty but it works.

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