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Noob! Joke and quesitons!

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I was told I had to post a joke as it's tradition,sorry for posting before makign jokes biggrin.gif



A blonde guy gets up really early in the morning to go ice fishing. He goes out onto the ice with his tent, his pick and his fishing rod, and starts to pick at the ice.


Then he hears a big booming voice: "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE."


The guy looks around and then starts to pick at the ice again. Then he hears the voice again: "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE."


Now the guy is getting a little edgy. He looks up toward the sky and thinks to himself, "God, is that you?"


There is no answer, so he starts picking again. The voice bellowed again: "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE."


Then the guy yells, "God, is that you?"


The voice answered, "NO. IT'S THE MANAGER OF THE ICE RINK."



Now the questions. Anyone having luck on the north shore area? I have had no luck in the northport area,however had great luck by my dads out east (not telling you where as it seems spot burning is vudoo)


Also Can someone recommend a good,affordable spinning real for my 9' Ugly Stik I just picked up this afternoon?


I also got some #40 green braid that I can't wait to use biggrin.gif


Here are some pics of my last (successful) surf casting trip with my dad








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View PostMuff -


Nice pair! biggrin.gif


Welcome! HappyWave.gif

Hooky wink.gif


When in Northport check in at Nortport B&T. Dave Sr. and Jr. will be glad to help ya' out.


Thanks nice to see someone local!,I haven't fished in about 6 years due to being busy,but my Dad(now retired) and I are back in full swing!


I went down there the other day,he had some awesome bunker and fresh clams,recommended I try the harbors,however I can't seem to find a spot to fish that's "allowed" biggrin.gif

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I have a Quantum Boca 50 on my 9' Tica Dolphin and it fits really well. I am not sure how heavy the Ugly Stick is but it should match up.


As far as the Northport area goes, it has been a bit slow. I have been fishing mostly South Shore but if I get a few minutes I hit the beach over here for some MICRO bass.

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i use a 19$ daiwa spin on my 9'tica 20-30#braid whats that i gotta change the reel after every season and whats that a 50# fish will eat that reel for breakfast yeap ALL true but you said cheap reel ..as long as the reel doesn't flex when you crank on it and it has a decent drag what the hell you are using an uglystick at least stick to name brands i've landed fish up to 30# on that outfit and yes its my 3rd reel but its cheap and it works look for them at the **** you can always upgrade the drag though you might have to dremel them to fit right depends on the reel brand my 2 centsbiggrin.gif

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