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RIO Outbound VS AIRFLO 40+

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I am talking about the INTERMEDIATE lines in RIO Outbound and AIRFLO 40+ only. Anyone cast both on the same rod and if so which did you find cast better for you. Please don't add any other of the brands to this thread.


Thank you



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I own and have cast the 12 wt. Outbound on a 12 wt. Powell and a 10 wt. Airflo 40 plus on a 10 wt Powell. I think if they were both 10 wt. I would go with the Airflo because for some reason I like the running line better in both cold & warm NE conditions (50 F to 75F). Because of my personal preference on the running line the Airflo is easier to slip a little line into the backcast and regrip. Both lines are three years old and I believe there have been recent changes in both.

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lou HappyWave.gif


tried both on my glx. vastly preferred the airflo for the same reason i don't like many of the rio lines---too much memory in them.


to be fair, the 40+ can have more memory than i like (and mroe than other offerings by them) but it was still less than rio.


i will now await the posse who will tell me i was doing something wrong with the rio.

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I've fished both and like the 40+ better due to the Ridge running line. A lot less tangles then the Rio. I also like the 35' head length better then the 37.5' on the Rio.


That being said, Rio just introduced their Outbound Short series lines. The difference is these line comes with a 30' head and the running has supposedly been greatly improved to reduce tangling.

We'll see, I'm going to pick one up to try here in the near future.

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Make that 6 for 6...I tried both on my TH rod...the Airflo is the better of the 2 in my opinion, the outbound is extremely tangle prone and a real pain in the arse to deal with.

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I too have both and it is 11 out of 11 for the 40+.....and this one should count for a bit more, as rod used to cast both was one of your old STS'swink.gifwink.gif


No contest at all in the running line section, Outbound still the most tangle prone running line i have ever come across.

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