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Anybody else change their mind?

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Dan J

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I changed my mind a few days before the election.

You see, the plan for those of us who did not support John McCain or Barak Obama was supposed to be to vote for a third party candidate. Show the world that a sizable part of the population doesn't go along with either of these two.


The problem is I just couldn't find one that I liked. I mean, I could have written in Ron Paul's name, but he said he's not running and I doubt if it would have even been counted.


That leaves the Libertarian or Constitution Party candidates (I know there's a bunch of others - I'm just not interested in them)


Bob Barr ? Pul-eeze. How the Libertarians decided on this one is beyond me.

Chuck Baldwin? I actually kind of like the guy, and would not discriminate just on the basis that the guy is a Baptist Minister, but the Constitution Party platform is just too filled with religious dogma. Their preamble ought to be enough to make anyone who believes in the separation of Church and State to have concerns. http: www.constitutionparty.org/party_platform.php#Preamble


So... what to do? This was going to be hard.

Then, the final straw came when I saw David Brooks interviewed on Charlie Rose last Friday night.

For those that don't already know, Brooks is a muckety muck oped columnist for the New York Times, and politically is of the neocon persuasion.

That's neoconservative, meaning new conservative.

Examples of actual conservatives in the past might be Ike, Goldwater, Buckley. If they could see what has become of "conservatives" and the Republican party, they would roll in their graves.

What these people should have called themselves instead of ******* is pseudo-cons, but I guess that wouldn't play as well.

And what a con job it's been. Pre-emptive war and reckless spending are not conservative.


Like most *******, Brooks used to be a liberal. But since the Dem's aren't hawkish enough for them, they infiltrated the Repub's.

Like most neocon leaning journalists, he not only abdicated his duty to scrutinize the claims being made to justify pre-emptive war in Iraq, he actively pushed for the war.


Brooks was describing what was wrong with the Republican Party, and what they're going to have to do if they expect to win elections in the future.

It was then I was reminded of what's really wrong with the Republican Party - and Brooks is the epitome of it. This horses ass was whining about the Sarah Palin VP choice, and how the Repubs are going to have to give up their small government ideals, among other things.

The thing is, this hare brained scheme to have Palin for VP was originally hatched by a college kid with neo-con leanings,

http://www.slate.com/id/2198949 and followed through by the neocon leaders of the party to "energize the base" (which is code for "dupe the masses once again into vote for them")

They also like to play on people's fear. Seems like every day I would get a piece of mail from the McCain campaign, and with each one the hue of Obama's skin seemed to get darker.cwm13.gif


Any doubts of who is running things in the Republican Party and what their priorities are could be figured out by listening to the speech they wrote for her.

So, the important thing for now is to not reward these jerks with another 4 years in power. Since PA was considered a very important state to McCain's chances of winning, I had to help to make sure that didn't happen. I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror if PA went to McCain and I did nothing to help to stop it.


So, my vote for Obama was mainly because because I'm against McCain and the people who's butts he's had to kiss for the last 8 years. They had to go. It can only be through their defeat that they might be someday rehabilitated.

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