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Barr VS Nader

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If these two candidates represent the extremes of conservatives and liberals, it is interesting to see that Nader KILLED Barr in most every state (where both were on the ballot) except Arizona.


What does that mean?


I was kind of hoping that the Libertarian Party would really take off this election cycle since conservatives really didn't have a republican conservative to vote for.

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What it means is that the Libertarian Party is as much out of touch with libertarians as a party can possibly be. They nominated a hard-line social conservative for President, and a guy who runs a sports betting tout service for VP. At least the VP choice embodies true libertarianism. cwm27.gif They went for star power over principles.


Barr is closer to Heinrich Himmler, politically, than Harry Browne.

"…if catching fish is your only objective, you are either new to the game or too narrowly focused on measurable results.” - D. Stuver

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