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Tsunami Airwave 11'???

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Im looking for a 10' to 11' spinning surf rod that i can really lay into w/ 6 or 7 oz or maybe 5 plus a big live spot for around $100. i know i can get better rods but i am getting a 9' st croix legend surf and this leaves me w/ around $100 to put out for a rod designed for this application. (wich will not be used that often) Has anybody used the 11' Airwave heavy action rated 4 -8 oz. I like their 9' rod but am leary about the 8 oz being an overstatement. How does this rod compair to say a Tica UKGA 3-8 oz or UEHA 2-8 oz. Thanks for the input.

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View PostThose rods have pretty light actions, in my experience. I have not casted that specific model, but have tried a couple of the shorter rods and thought they were a little over-rated.



I agree...the ratings aren't right on, but they are a GREAT rod for the $$

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errrgggg...i really like them for the $$$ but i agree w/ you guys that they are over rated on weight. i was hoping the 4-8 oz xh i could really lay into the rod w/ 6 oz. I don't know anywhere around he that sells the heavier model tha i can feel so its gonna have to be an internet order

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