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New to saltwater fly tying

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Hey guys,


I have been around the site for about a year now but new to this forum. I have tied in the past (20 years ago). Although I tied nymphs for trout, I am now "hooked" on using teasers while using plugs after my first double hook last friday evening at Montauk. I have been tying a few simple patterns but would like to learn all I can. I have found this new venture very relaxing and I have realized how much I missed tying. I was wondering if there are any experienced members in the Edison NJ area that wouldnt mind getting together and show me some tricks and tips hands on. I have come to the conclusion that tying saltwater patterns is very different from trout patterns. Mostly the materials. When I tied back in the day, synthetics were just coming of age and to be honest... looked down on by the trout fly tyer. Im having some difficulty figuring out how to use some of there materials. So if there is anybody who would like to teach me a few things about salt flies, I would appreciate it. Thanks



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You have the basics of tying down. Salty patterns use some different techniques, but as you mention I feel that understanding the saltwater materials will be where you need to focus your early efforts. As I am sure you discovered with fresh water patterns, having the right material is more than half the battle.


Hopefully someone from your area will speak up and offer to get you started. In the meantime Youtube is a great source for tying instructional videos, and definitely check out the masters over on http://www.aswf.org/ . Look for the fly tying section and the instructional videos.


Good luck!



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