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Hatteras Outfitters is a waste of time

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I ordered some reel parts weeks ago and the order status is unknown. The guy does not answer the phone, there is no way to leave a message, and he ignores e-mails. Save your time and money and go elsewhere.

Tis better to remain silent and thought the fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

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You're not the first to have complained in the recent past. Do a search on here. From some of the testemonials that you'll read you'll see that it wasn't always the way it appears to be now.


Get a refund and move on.

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That's too bad. I ordered some aftermarket parts from Tres a couple years back. There was a problem with my CC/Debit number so they called me up. We shot the bull about the pros/cons of what I ordered and they put my order through. Parts were there within a week.


Hope everything is okay with them.

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If you need a part. This is not the place to order it.


After taking an order in April.


No response to phone


No response to fax


No response to e-mail


No response period cwm27.gifcwm27.gifcwm27.gifcwm27.gif

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I ordered a 525 magged and it took 4 months. I knew it would take some time when I ordered but didn't think 4 months. If you can get him on the phone great guy to talk too. I asked him why it took so long to get parts or reel and he said: I am a one person shop and I like to fish also.

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