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Hey, so what's your plan to survive 0bama times?



I have a very sizable stash of ammunition, weapons no BATFE agnt will ever find, bullion, food, water and enough tradeable items that will survive whatever a reasonable perosn could expect to live through.


What's your plan to survive this disgusting disaster of a vote?

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View PostFor whom, a poor person?



Has any poor person ever given you a jopb?



LMAO, you ignorant fool. beatin.gif


My boss was poor, and worked his way up... Hes a pretty smart guy..



I know Im right when the only counter is silly name calling... cwm27.gifcwm27.gif



Anyways time to sleep got work ina few hours... smile.gif

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View PostI'm going to do what I do everyday. Work my ass off, Go to school to better myself and end up with a job that will always be in demand, and umm..... Fish.




You will do much like all of us, only you will have to pay more to fish, and have les money to do so because you are now going to pay for more lazy ***** to do so right along side you as you support them.


Me? I have a proposal I plan to give the owner of my company to stash all of my income in an ownership proposal that he will run by his attorneys that could very well set a ntaiopnwid precedent for decent working people to avoid taxes.


I've run this idea past several attorneys, and non can find why I could be taxed on this kind of compensation in any way. F paying taxes while building wealth, screw you, you POS liberal trash!


Tim woould LOVE my idea, if he weren't a sole proprietorship

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View PostStocks went up yesterday in anticipation of an Obama win. Here's hoping that trend continues!!!!!


It will for a little while. Lets call it a liberal high, then we will get the liberal hangover.

"Lucky" is a fictional character on the interwebs. Nothing "Lucky" says or does can be or should be construed as a real thought by an actual person. Objects in your rear view mirror may appear to be closer than they actually are.

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