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Hi Guys--I'm just getting started and need to get a pair of waders. Problem is I don't know the first thing about them or which type to get. I read a little and it seems I would want neoprene for the warmth ? Do I need a boot or stockingfoot ?


Thanks for any help!

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Hey Suds, how about giving us a budget to work with? I've got three pair of waders andonly really wear one of them anymore. I picked up a really nice pair of Silver labels in the BST thread. They are a little pricey when new but breathables are the way to go. You can wear as little or as much under them to keep warm or cool. What size are you?

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View PostThanks guys--I am definitely cold-pronebiggrin.gif

I have a credit at Cabelas for 150$ so I wanted to stay in that price range if possible. I will focus on the breathable ones. At least that narrows it down. I wear a size 10 1/2 boot.



Breathables-bootfoot-insulated if possible lug sole not the felt sole, layer up under them in the winter.


Dont get the stocking foot because U will need to also buy wading boots, even though they are extremely comfy, that jacks up the price and most wading boots eyes are not stainless steel and will melt in salt water, sand gets in em no matter what you do, plus something else you have to put on/take off and then rinse w/ fresh water and rinse the sand out when you get home..


If I plan on walking and covering a lot of ground I will wear the stocking foot breathables w/ the boots, really cold out I will wear the neo's.


Aslo clean the breathables soon as you get home , and let them dry before putting them back in the trunk/truck they will last you longer.


You just missed a sale at cabellas their entry level bootfoot wader for

$ 90.00 I grabbed a pair.


KOQ U wearing your waders to the tog fling ??

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Save your receipt. I had two of cabelas waders from the least expensive to the best ones and they both lasted no more than two seasons. I dont think I used them more than a dozen times each before they started leaking around the bootfoot. The good thing with cabela's is you can return them for replacements if you tell them you are not satisfied. I have been using my SIMMS for the last four years with no issues and they are still going strong. for the cold days, i wear thermals underneath

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Same boat here. My old Remington neoprenes kindly gave up in about 4 different places at once a few days ago (4 inches of water in the right boot, yee haw).


I also have some credit at Cabelas and need to select from their line up. However, I can't find more than a few models that are bootfoot, lug sole, breathables. One went for $60 and my first thought was that that was too cheap to last very long ("Three Forks 420 denier Featherlights")


Pretty much every other bootfoot breathable model had a darn felt sole. Any suggestions?


Many thanks wink.gif



JB ;-)
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