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how much braid on a 560 slammer?

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I'd go with just enough 15 or 20lb mono braid to cover the spool and then 40 or 50lb braid. You'll get plenty on there. When I had a 560 Slammer I think I got almost a whole 300 yard spool of 50lb Powerpro on it. More than enough.


Remember that the thinnner the braid the more likely you will be to have tangles and wind knots. I'm not saying you will have them, it just becomes more likely.

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View Postjust checked my reel list

125 yards 20# mono and 150 yards 20# fireline




That doesn't seem right - my pair of 360 slammers get well over 200 yards of 20 lb spiderwire stealth, which is actually thicker than fireline. And being that the 560 is a larger reel, it would only stand to reason that the capacity is higher.headscratch.gif

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I fit about 250 yds of 50# PP (12# mono equiv) on my 460 slammer. should be able to get a full 300 yd spool of 50# on there i would guess...


I also have a 550ssg with 50# suffix braid that to me, doesn't appear to wrap the line as "nicely' as the slammers do, but it's still usable. DS

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