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Fly fishing set-up


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I have an 8 weight saltwater series Double L flyrod from LL bean. It is new and is the discontinued version made by G. Loomis. The Double LL now are made in China. Rod is new only lawn casted then back in the LL bean case(brown) also has a sock. Rod is 2 piece. I also have a LL bean reel don't know which model I would have to check (maybe Quest) also new. It has yellow backing (20 #) and the fly line is a chart lime color 8 weight with a black sink tip. Line was used a season. Line also from LL bean.


All this gear is from LL Bean and the warranty from Bean is next to none and you could take it all back to them for credit if you don't like it. I am also willing to throw a few flies to get you started.



Wanted to extend the offer to other members.


Looking for plugs: pencils, Suffix hi-vis yellow #40, Surface cruisers 3oz preferred. Will entertain other plug offers as well.


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