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Interest check: Who wants a Penn Sargus review?

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Alan Hawk

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I'll tell you how i felt using the sargus sg6000... a decently made reel.... aluminum feel feels solid... problem... bail spring ... weak ... countles snap offs due to hard casts. had buddies of mine try it same deal. thought it was min ... alot of cuys i spoke to had similar things happen... fixes


change bail spring...


make bail less ... dont think there is kit..


go old school with rubber band


turn so bail is facing up and cannot snap down


overall i give it a B


decently made for the newer penns sturdier than the SSG's


less expensive and lighter than SSM... took one to montauk a few times and did alright... its no 704z though and for the money you can get a decent used 704...


granted parts are more readily avail for 704z


I would also like to see an indepth review

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