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post here if you voted today

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tried voting Obama but it kept going to McCain.



I don't know why.


election is rigged.


or was it me?


"Ok, Eddy you were right" - minivin5
"Oddly enough, Eddy is right fairly often"- TimS

"Eddy is correct" - TomT

"Say what you will about Eh-ddy but he actually does know a few things." - The Commish

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I disguised myself as a black man and they told me my name and information was not acceptable to vote. When I told them I was voting for McCain they said everything was good to go headscratch.gif



Going later with my grandson and wife

(*member formerly known as 'Skitterpop')

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6:30, on the way back from the gym. icon14.gif


The lady with the register commented on my sloppy signature, and asked if I was a lawyer. Before I could reply she told me we needed to get rid of the lawyers from politics. cwm27.gif


No line, voted in all of about 10 seconds, and wished everyone a nice day as I left.


Wife is going later and bringing the kids.


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