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About chunkin,,,,,,,

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Anyone free drift larger chunks?

Know most use finders and hi-lo's. But wonder if free drifting 3-6 oz. heads would be productive. I'm sure the blues would cream the tails and will save them for the finders.


I've not tried chunking in so long I'll need to learn it all over again.cwm31.gif

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It can definitely work but you need to be aware of everyone else around you and what they're doing.


A couple of weeks ago I was fishing with some guys and we're all using weights. One kid decided to float chunks and proceeded to run under a few lines, mainly mine.


If no one else is around, go for it. Just make sure you have enough line out so it can sink slowly.

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Can be very successful, This spot we were fishing is up in the back of jamica bay didn't have a lot of current but the fish were there and on da bunka, we were in 10-15 feet of water but all we had to do was bunker up and let baits float back an we had fish.

Fishing bridge pilings (Atlantic beach bridge)with clam bellies and worms this method has produced as well, lots of current here so I don't think a chunk would work but you could probably try a strip of bunker . Thinking about it now I would have loved to have a ticker mackeral strip bait to feed back into the current

I Fish therefore I Lie
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