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"Lucky" is a fictional character on the interwebs. Nothing "Lucky" says or does can be or should be construed as a real thought by an actual person. Objects in your rear view mirror may appear to be closer than they actually are.

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View PostDesigning living spaces (Mancaves, NOT powder rooms!)



mancaves sounds a little you know............... GAY!!!


i don't think i have any other hobbies except maybe video gaming. i want to take up golf again just don't have the funds right now. maybe once i get the few things i really need for fishing.


used to play miniature board games like warhammer 40k and fantasy. but just no time right now so i think it's done with. still got a ton of stuff left. maybe i should sell it. maybe i'll be able to afford other things i need like fishing rods and reels and lures.

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