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Fishing reports with commentary or just reports?

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A little commentary here and there is not a problem... but there should of course be a limit on the arguing.... once a mod notes that something is getting out of hand, a new thread should be created for that discussion

"Only a fool knows everything. A wise man knows how little he knows."
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Most of the guys that are good keep their mouth's shut, and I can't blame them.

I listen to a handful of people who do post reports here (and thank you for posting them), to me the rest is filler, filled with pleas of "I live in Ohio, can you please" Their are enough places on the net or newspaper to get more specific spots if one chooses to be spoonfed.

After awhile people will point you in the right direction if they know you are putting in the time and that YOU WILL KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

Remember... "how, not where" wink.gif

People can't figure out the damn search feature, forget about giving them info.

My .0000002 cwm27.gif



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How about two report threads, one for the guys trying to figure out where the fish are and the other for the guys who like to bs about the shenanagens from the night before. I know I would post more reports if there was more silly nonsense. icon14.gif

"Lucky" is a fictional character on the interwebs. Nothing "Lucky" says or does can be or should be construed as a real thought by an actual person. Objects in your rear view mirror may appear to be closer than they actually are.

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I find the reports useful for general activity levels, what bait's around, etc. A little extra embellishment makes the thread more interesting, and fosters community.


What really puzzles me is how touchy folks get about every little thing. The idea that posts would be misleading or dishonest, and that many members expect or condone this, just makes me scratch my head. What's the point of joining an online community if you're basically antisocial? If you think the internet is your enemy as far as seclusion is concerned, or that newbies need to put in their time to deserve guidance or instruction, why would you post here in the first place?


If the goal is to have an exclusive club, the internet is a poor choice for a venue.

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