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toggin season

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I only went once last year. My first time ever. It hooked me on eating them. Really good eating fish.


Been killing them since the season re opened. Fishing in 10 to 15 foot. Limiting out every time. I'm up to 7.5lbs and my buddy is over 9lbs. Wanting my first ten pounder bad. Man those fish have some funky teeth.


I'm going to try over a shoal in 45 feet of water. This was where I went last year at this time. We culled 5lbers and left with 5 7 8 lb fish each. Great fishing. Waiting to hear from the guy that took me. He's a fishing fool. On the water almost everyday all year. Only guy I know sicker than me. Although I'm not retired like he is.


I was just shown how to pick Asian crabs for bait. Never even knew they were here. The Sound is LOADED with them. I think this is why the Blacks are so big. Pick up any rock when the tide rolls out and there will be Asian crab under it. We fish half a green on the bottom hook and a whole Asian on the top. Blacks hitting both regularly. Going to try to stalk a deer Sat morn then run out for some more Blacks.

Need fish and carcasses to make 6 gals of fish chowder for my archery club game dinner.

Capt Jay is Hooked on plastics
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I wish I knew you needed the racks. I had 2 limits I cleaned and threw the racks in the pond behind the house. Fish up to 8 lbs. but it has definitely slowed down significantly. if you want to come along for a toggin' adventure let me know I got a couple of good spots over at the walls.

Michael Mayo
"I work so I can Fish!"
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Thanks Mike.

I just found out at our meeting Sunday they wanted me to supply the stock and fish. Seems last year the fish stock was purchased and cost a good penny.


Of course after I just went Cod fishing in the Stellwagon Bank and had enough fish and carcasses to make 1000 gals of fish chowder. Might have to make another trip. Outstanding fishing. Pulling up 2 25 lb Pollock at the same time from 300 feet is work.


Thanks for the offer. I'm still up in the air with plans for Tog. Really need to get some time in the woods with my bow. Figure early Sat morn for a couple hrs then fish. My buddy up in Clinton wants me to jump on his boat but I already have a guy that is asking to come with me so I think I'll end up taking mine out.


I'll send you a PM on this Mike.

Capt Jay is Hooked on plastics
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