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Obama's Ideas ..... pay more

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I don't see anything wrong with people conserving energy and we all know when something is cheap or easily obtainable they go through it like water(which is funny because water itself is going to be a huge issue in mine/our lifetime for the same reason).


Call me crazy but without the spike in gas prices this summer Ford and GM would not be committing all their future plants to small 4 cylinder cars. People would not have cut back on wasteful driving and investment money would not have been flowing into alt energy ideas.


The Repub party's premise is that the private sector will take care of all our needs. The only problem is that when oil is cheap there just isn't enough money that is willing to be invested in alt energy. Even the private sector needs motivation for inspiration.....


I hated this summer's higher gas prices as it cut out about half my offshore fishing trips but looking back on it I think it was worth it because it finally got the attention of at least 90% of this country and it got the attention of car makers who ultimately are the ones offering us a product.


So yeah the private sector needed those higher prices to get the ball rolling to more efficient cars rather than mighty 300 horse 4 bangers.....



Create instead of living off the buying and selling of others.......
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I would think Drew, his wife, and 15 children would be interested in conserving energy.


Writing and Editing Credits

Getting to know Drew

Drew and his wife, Debi, live in Stratford, Iowa, where they home educate their

12 children, ages 15 to infant. Drew is a passionate evangelical Christian, a

devoted father, and a dedicated home educator.


Drew considers himself a "casual professional," meaning one who adheres to

professional standards of honesty and integrity, but who also maintains

approachable, flexible, and personable relationships with clients and coworkers.

If he can help you, he will, and if he can't, he's honest enough to admit it. Drew

works productively and efficiently within deadlines.


(*member formerly known as 'Skitterpop')

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How is this bad?


Say my car gets 20 miles to the gallon. I drive 100 miles a week. That's 5 gallons of gas in a week.


If gas is 3 dollars a gallon, I would spend 15 bucks a week.


Gas prices shoot up to 5 dollars a gallon. I don't want to spend 25 dollars so I cut out places where I don't have to drive. The store isn't that far away. I don't need to drive there. I don't need to drive my car so I can take the dog to where I walk her. Etc etc. I keep cutting down.


Car still gets 20 miles to the gallon but now I'm driving 60 miles a week.


That's 3 gallons of gas at 5 dollars a gallon. I'm still spending 15 bucks a week.


Not only that, but I'm getting more exercise and I'm not polluting when I don't have to do so. By not carrying around excess weight and not breathing in as much pollution, I'm actually healthier and my health care costs go down but that's in the long run.

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View PostCheck this out.




He says if we have to pay more, we will conserve. Of course people don't have enough problems already trying to pay for debt and living expenses.


so you've gone from the birth certificate to an interview from a year ago... Obama as far as I know has abandoned this plan..


whats next?

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View Postso you've gone from the birth certificate to an interview from a year ago... Obama as far as I know has abandoned this plan..


whats next?



Nebe, go back and click the link I left for you about the birth certificate I posted. I posted it specifically for you.


If Obama abandoned this idea on the gas plan, I thank you for telling me, I was unaware of that. Although it would force more conservation, many could not afford to pay more and are already conserving as much as possible. That is why I posted this one here.

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