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Paint bonding problem

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I bought my house 9 years ago. A lot of the walls had like big disturbances in the paint finish (chunks of the layers of paints missing)

I always figured that the damage was due to bad wallpaper removal.

I've spent years patching these problems before painting to make my house

have smooth walls.


While painting my bed room after an hour I had huge bubbles in the finish

I touched one and it ruptured all the coats of paint (40 years worth)

Underneath the sheetrock was a light blue with a white powder.

My guess is whatever happened to the previous owners and the walls has

happeneded to me.


Has anyone ever seen this or heard of this type of problem?

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Never had a problem as bad as you describe... But while painting a room in my house once I notice something similiar, The paint was bubbling out on a pretty big spot of the wall to the point I could "pop" it.


Turns out the heating duct leaked up the wall and blew hot air out of a tiny spot in the sheetrock. When the latex paint started to dry the air behind it bubbled it up.


Dunno if that has any relevance here... but you obviously have some kind of gas forcing between the wall and paint. either chemical reaction with the paint or some kinda freaky air draft type thing like happened to me. My guess anyway...

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