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RIP Col. John Ripley, USMC

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I'm sorry to hear of his passing. frown.gif Col. Ripley was a man among men; a real mans man. icon14.gif


He certainly proved his mettle that day at the Dong Ha Bridge, and he shall live on through his legacy of courage, which is a shining example, worthy of both admiration and emulation.


The man is gone; but the Legend remains. clapping.gif


RIP, Colonel Ripley. Semper Fi. angel.gifcrying.gif

"I think, that all right thinking people, are sick & tired of being told that they're sick & tired of being sick & tired. I, for one, am not. And I'm sick & tired of being told that I am."
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I just read about this guy.. AMAZING MAN.. aside from the heroism of vietnam, this was a mans man.. check this out..


He earned the "Quad Body" distinction for making it through four of the toughest military training programs in the world: the Army Rangers, Marine reconnaissance, Army Airborne and Britain's Royal Marines, Miller said. He was also the only Marine to be inducted in the U.S. Army Ranger Hall of Fame. Ripley retired from the Marine Corps in 1992 after 35 years of active duty service.



A marine in the US Army Ranger hall of fame?? thats a amazing..


RIP Col Ripley...



"The kids they dance and shake thier bones and the politicians throwing stones. singing ashes, ashes all fall down"

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