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Need Help, Hauling Boat from Florida to CT

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Has anyone ever had their boat hauled long distance? I just purchased a boat in south florida and need to get it up here. Does anyone have any recommendations or know anyone that is reliable. I know a lot of snow birds have their rigs hauled south for the winter. If anyone is hauling a boat down there for someone and is empty coming back, shoot me an email. It's a 25ft center console.



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Just to let you know many of the states that you will be traveling thru require you to obtain permits for oversize loads, do not allow you to pull at night or on Sundays. This has been an issue with the tournament king fisherman in the South and boaters in general in NC. Some stupid Fed law that everyone has suddenly ddecided to enforce. Perhaps you can go to the SKA site and learn more and how to obtain permits or do like most and chance it. Be very careful in NC.

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Prices ranged from 950-2500. Had the guy fax me his insurance and a copy of his drivers license.


Had a couple problems with uship though. The first guy I had said he would pick up my boat on a certain day, then the next, then another,etc.. So I posted again, lined it all up and then low and behold the driver couldn't produce proof of insurance. He wanted to go to a third party for cargo insurance and I said no. So third time was the charm. Boat is on its way now. I paid somewhere in the middle of the price range and was comfortable with his uship profile, insurance, and courtesy on the phone.


My driver started telling me some stories he has heard of problems people have had shipping boats. He's heard of trailers breaking down 200 miles into a trip and drivers just leaving them on the side of the road, stoires of people stealing the boat/load, and accidents with no insurance coverage and so forth.



Be carefull who you use and dont be afraid to ask for their insurance and drivers license. A reputable guy will have no problem sending them to you.

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