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Fishinmagician-are you conflicted?

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Now what the heck do you do?


With all this talk of campaign strategy, tightening polls and the looming election of the most powerful person on Earth, it's important to remember the things that are really important in life. Like this week's "Monday Night Football" game, which features the Pittsburgh Steelers and the surprising 6-2 Redskins.


Why should you care? For one, at halftime, ESPN, which is broadcasting the game, will air interviews of both Barack Obama and John McCain speaking with football analyst Chris Berman. As Monday Night Football has averaged 12.2 million viewers per week so far this season, it's one last opportunity for both candidates to make their cases to a large segment of the American public.


Still don't care? Try this: Country singer and avid McCain supporter Hank Williams Jr. performs the opening song for the broadcast.


OK, I admit, that reason was lame. So let me try one more.


Since 1936, the outcome of the last Redskins home game before Election Day has correctly predicted the winner of the presidential race. No, seriously. For 64 years and 17 U.S. presidential elections, if the Redskins won the game, the incumbent party won the White House. If they lost, so did the incumbent party.


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View PostIn that case, I bow to your prognositication skills.


Hail to the 'Skins!



"Ok, Eddy you were right" - minivin5
"Oddly enough, Eddy is right fairly often"- TimS

"Eddy is correct" - TomT

"Say what you will about Eh-ddy but he actually does know a few things." - The Commish

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