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It's Sunday, the routine is, fish in the AM drink and watch football in the PM. By the way, the J-E-T-S wonsmile.gif

- Life is a waiting room, I hope they don't call me soon...... 

- Thomas Jefferson - "The course of history shows that as government grows, liberty decreases"

Our flag doesn’t fly because the wind that moves it. It flies with the breath of every fallen solider who protected it.



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View PostYes. No lead is safe with #4 at QB.biggrin.gif He made you sweat again, didn't he?cwm27.gif


Other than that pass, he looked ok. He did throw the ball away with Coles wide open in the EZ--Still better than an INT. Great play on the defensive line. icon14.gif



They won again. The AFC East may be the most lackluster division in football, yet it is conceivable that all the teams could finish 500 or above.headscratch.gif

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"Lucky" is a fictional character on the interwebs. Nothing "Lucky" says or does can be or should be construed as a real thought by an actual person. Objects in your rear view mirror may appear to be closer than they actually are.

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View Postsmith is the man 3rd down or touchdown


tuck ain't bad on third down either and threw a nice block on the old man as well the series before

If you are ugly you are ugly. Stop talking about inner beauty because we don't walk around with X-rays. ---   Robert Mugabe

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