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Around My House Today....

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I miss my dad's house in Charlestown . Seeing that pic reminded me of being down there choppin wood after school and enjoying the smell of the woodstoves and the fireplace in the fall/winter ,still do to this day .

Cat looks toasty , mine scurries under anyones blanket they just crawled out from and stays there ,

even with my GF making the bed my cat wont move kooky.gif

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Matt thanks for the heads up on the soapstone....yup, cat was toasty didn't move much, just like me!!biggrin.gif


I can't believe how much a cord of wood goes for now , 19 years ago , seasoned $75 bucks , today that same seasoned cord is over $300 !!


Guess I'm getting old, now I've got all these, "I remember when" stories....cwm27.gif

Surfcasting is NOT a crime.
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my opinion on woodstoves is that if you have to pay for the wood then it's not worth it,turn the heat up,I get my wood for free by scrounging for it,stop by when guys are cutting down trees in neighborhoods ask how if they leave some for you,their getting paid anyways to take it down and look on craigslist,besides look how much oil has come down.Your woodstove or heating system is only as good as your house is energy efficient,windows insulation,how old your heating system is and so on.matt

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