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Another Landlock'd Salmon

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View Post...caught yesterday in the Stillwater river. not very big, but around 16". beautiful day out there.




Nice job - I was out there yesterday and today. While yesterday wasn't too bad, today it was a zoo with a crowd of people at the river and there's certainly not enough fish to endure all the fishing pressure they're under right now.


As far as the fishing is concerned, yesterday I had two legitimate strikes that I missed. Unfortunately the only two salmon I landed were foul hooked. In both cases, the fly I was using just kind of drifted onto their dorsal fin and I even left slack hoping the fly would drop off...but it didn't. Today, I saw a couple but no takers. Anyway I saw a nice one weighed in at a local shop today.

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Today's rain should move some more fish into the river...

Not to get on my soap box BUT:

I wish they would make it a fall C&R or artificals only section from the rt 62 bridge down. Too many people taking(snagging) these fish. It's like a wanna be salmon river in NY.

I started fishing that river with my late father 30 yrs ago. The stretch from the singing bridge down used to be deep and have nice undercut banks.

Beavers have really taken over. Thanks question 1...mad.gif



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i have not been in over a week, but last visit, i saw some upriver, past the old stone bridge, where the current cuts in undercutting the bank. would've been a lot better if i crossed over to the opposite side. - oh and i caught one, but it was about 7", downsteam. but the other fish i saw and didn't get a shot at were in the upper teens. def fish in there, especially after this weekend's rain.

Salty part-time writer, full-time fishing fool...

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Waters down again and so are the fish. Very Skittish now as well. Single hook or fly only. It is way too easy to get to these fish. Too many people walking right on the redds as well. I have some pics I was saving to post after this was all over. The last two days I have caught 2, 6 inch Parr on a bead head pupa pattern. They have to be one of the nicest looking fresh water fish.

Stuck in a Seam.
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