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HELP... Penn Torque 100 - Penn 525

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A penn torque 100 (star drag) for shore fishing purposes at distance.


I'd like to know how well it's casts with a comparison to a 525mag...???


Is the gearing a lot smoother than a 525mag...??? (should be for the money, lol)


And finally, is the clicker system louder than a 525mag...???


YES, I've already used the search facility on the above subject but, the posts are now out dated ('07), I'm now looking for up to date opinions after, hopefully, you guy's/gals have put the reel under some serious testing due to the torque 100 being available on the market for a good while now.



BIG thanx in advance to all those who kindly post and feed me plenty of positives - I hope, about the reel so I can dig deep and splash the cash on one...drool.gif




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Just looking at the stats... I'm thinking there is no comparison.


The Torque looks like an offshore game reel. 450 yards of 12lb test? Now the description says castable but I think they mean pitching baits out, not surfcasting.


The 525mag is casting reel for distance and control.


I can't say for sure but it doesn't sound like the reel you want.

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I got one from ooric, to use for drum fishing.


The drag is more adjustable than a Mag525, it seems stronger.


The clicker is way louder than a 525's it is in a metal side plate.


It is slightly heavier than a 525, graphite to aluminum.


It casts as well as a 525.


The only thing I don't like is the spool edge is not flanged, which means it is not as easy to thumb the spool side, Also the soppl is close to the bottom of the frame, when the spool is filled full there is no room for a shock leader to pass between the spool & reel base.


I did change the power handle to a counterbalanced handle, I had to custom size it to fit.

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I've got both reels and lots of time on them. For casting, especially shore casting, the 525 would be my choice hands down. The Torque 100, like Patrick9915 said, is really designed for jigging, particularly the butterfly type jigs. However, I use it for all kinds of boat fishing chores from bottom fishing to live lining. It has a superb drag that has a much wider range of adjustment than the 525 and is capable of putting out 30 pounds of pressure while remaining smooth. The gears are much beefier and very smooth. It can cast pretty well, but nowhere near as well as the 525, expecially if you plan on using it for plugs and with lighter sinkers for bait fihsing.


The 525 is eminently more castable, especially for distance, and user friendly for that purpose. I have fished the mag and non mag versions for years and they are tough and capable of throwing a lot further than my ability as a caster can achieve. Their lighter and therefore less fatiquing to use in the surf.


JMO, but I hope it helps.

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its heavier and built like a tank .. its not ment for distance casting like a 525mag but if your looking for one reel to do it all this is a good choice.


On my 12ft surf rod the 100 did well, but i still prefer my 525.


Its smooth and yes the clicker is louder ... you need to use a dime or a screw driver to make spool adjustments the mag adjust is exactly the same. .. If your tossing heavy lead and big bait and your not looking to break distance records this is a good reel. Did i mention it has crazy torque.


Its my go too boat reel.


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I believe our learned brother Crazy Al (Alberto Knie) is fishing bait on a Saltiga Surf conventional. I don't know how it would do for plugging, but if he recommends it for fishing bait on substantial sinkers .... his opinion's good enough for me.


I am very happy with my Mag 525s lately. One has 50 lb Cortland Master Braid (about 225-250 yards) and the other took a spool of Suffix braid, 300 yards of thirty lb. braid. There is no striper in the ocean that's going to spool either one. That said, I'm plugging (including live and rigged eels) and that might not be your application.

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