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winterizing rods

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They get the hose at midnight on Dec 16th and hung in garage until next Aprilsmile.gif Smaller rods get used year round for every species that is legal, never wax, never polish, never wd40 and never with oily film. Rods are YEARS old and function like they are newsmile.gif Water cleans EVERYTHING!

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View PostIs it really worth doing this? I mean we wash and hose down our rods after every use after we fish. So why do we need to add extra spray or what not to a rod. Just my opinion




I am with you my friend! As long as you wash your rods evertime you use them, they will be there for years to come. I a few rods that have the old chrome carbide guides(which are suceptible to rust) and even they look new. IMO if you treat your rods like garbage all season long there is nothing you can do to make them winterized. All I would say is wash them with soap and water and store-JMO

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At the end of the season, I clean the rods with soap and water then give them a coating of wax. You can use Butcher's wax but I have been using Town Talk Orange Wax the last couple of years. It smells like oranges, so why not?


The wax application tends to keep the rods cleaner during the season. Possibly not necessary but I do it anyway.

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View Posti remember someone once telling me he would use some kind of wax or oil on his graphite rods in the off-season. i don't remember what it was, or why he did it. does anyone else do this? is there a reason?





theres nothng special to do to a rod,just wash it off like you do after a session and put it on the rack.


you can wipe it down with some knid of spray but that will make it catch dust.


if anything use some silicone spray[auto zone] that makes the surface slick,water or dust won't tick,it will wash right off!




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