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winterizing rods

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View PostWarmy soapy h2o, then furniture polish of some sort.



-Hey dumbass it's not about a kill or no kill tournament, it's about how much your 2nd favorite club can mug you! That's it...

-the reports thread is the yenta section for NJ..  

-If’n ya cut yer teeth on Ava and teaser fishing please take a seat in the back and keep quite… 

-is monkey see monkey do fishing even fun..?? 
-yes I still fish with mono..  On occasion 

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Can't hurt to get all the salt off the guide frames, but there isn't much else you have to do. In the old days, cleaning and lubing reel seat threads was a good thing to do on chromed brass seats, but you can't really hurt today's graphite seats.

"…if catching fish is your only objective, you are either new to the game or too narrowly focused on measurable results.” - D. Stuver

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