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Never underestimate ninjas, no matter how small.

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Halloween. Trick-or-treating. I don't care if I'm in high school, I still like free candy. Especially when you're getting it with friends you haven't seen in a long time.


This one little kid decides to give the candy out of his window, dressed like a ninja.


"Trick or treat."

"Here, have some Tootsie Pops."

"Thanks. High fives." *slap*


I turn around to leave, he says "Wait, hold on." He pulls a little toy sword out, "yaaargh," points it at me. I'm not gonna be a jerk and say "yeah you're so funny kid, I'm leaving," so I start running, just to play along.


Mind bullets. The ability to kill a yak from 200 yards. That's telekinesis, Kyle. Of course, halfway down his driveway I'm still as powerful as a bull moose from 1200 yards, so I only trip.


Onto my left arm.


On pavement.


Mind bullets.


I thought it was only sprained, so I still went around trick or treating as usual.


I got home and noticed my lower arm/wrist area was significantly puffy, so I slept with it on ice.


I went to the doctor's office, completely on schedule, but still had to wait an hour. (Damn doctors.) So I finally get into the doctor's room and sit down.


"How can you bend it?"

"This way, that way, OH GOD NOT THAT WAY"

"Okay, I'm just gonna take your temperature with this ear thermometer."


"...Is it supposed to go in that far?" (Swear to god, if you guys take this out of context...biggrin.gif)


We get the forms to go get some X-rays. To the hospital, awaaaaay!


X-ray room, basically.


"Ok, put your hand like this." (Guys...)


"Now put it like this."

"It kinda hurts. Don't do that." (...)

"Now put it like this..."


"WHATTHEF... I said not to do that."


Long story short...


My radius bone. About 1/3 of the way up from my wrist.


It's broken.






How filled with glee I am.


I basically have the temporary cast, and that's about it for now. The real thing comes on Monday. Or Tuesday.


That kills all my fishing plans.


Damn ninjas.kooky.gif


(Thanks to my brother for typing this out for me - it would've been hell to do with one hand. ...You take that out of context, YOU get the mind bullets. Yak.)

Member of the MSBA and Ditch Trolls.
Quote:Originally Posted by Taggeryou just don't touch another mans [rods]... like messing with his wife only worse
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I would wrap it, but the cast kinda engulfs my whole hand except the tips of my fingers, so I can't cast, tie knots, reel, or any of that good stuff. You kinda need two hands to fish. freak.gif


And JBT, if you really want to come up to Mass. to sign it, go right on ahead.


Lurejunkie, I only have one hand here. I can do a medical drawing tomorrow if you really want it, I could break out the watercolors if it comes to that.


And yes, I do have some leftover candy. Didn't really get too much though.

Member of the MSBA and Ditch Trolls.
Quote:Originally Posted by Taggeryou just don't touch another mans [rods]... like messing with his wife only worse
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You should Probrably not listen to Tenacious D before going out. I find it leads to a lot of inward singing and kelbasa sausage. Next time fight back. Even little ninjas are worth the fight!. Go back to his house tomorrow and break his wrist or better yet cut it off with a plastic sword!



P.S. Duct tape the rod to your casted hand and reel with your other. The rule of duct tape is if you cant use duct tape its broke.

BranfordJeff - I'd hit it like a drumset in the special ed classroom.

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