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F/S/T Shimano Spheros 12000FA

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So, I have here a Shimano Spheros 12000FA. Its spooled with 40# PP with a small Mono backing.


The only reason I am selling/Trading is that I have a few more reels, and not enough Plugs smile.gif



Cosmetically, it is a bit banged up from being layed on Jetties, but mechanically, it is a 9/10 -10/10. Can't really find a flaw with the way it works, just as smooth as when it was taken from the box.



I am Looking to sell for $100 or more preferably, trade for Plugs. An RMs would catch my eye wink.gif



I will have pics up tommorow, once i pick up batteries for my camera at work.

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View PostWhat size is this comparable to in other reel models?


For example, Van Staal?


I'm interested and have some plugs I could trade like BM's and RM's


I dont know how to go about comparing it in size to the VS, I know that it will hold ~260 yds of 20lb Mono. about 28oz


I'll look into it further for you

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