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striper fileting advice inspired from what I witnessed on the stomach contents thread

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I can actually contribute to this thread. Considering of course that I can't seem to catch a striper big enough to filet, bluefish not counting. Anyway I worked at a fish only restaurant in Manhattan, and I was responsible as the fish cook, to filet and portion all fish for the restaurant. So I've had a bit of practice.


I bet most of the mutualations we've just witnessed were as a result of cheap DULL filet knives. Like someone previously stated, $600 reel $2 knife. Now you don't have to break your bank, buying new impoted stainelss steel knives, carbon blades are cheaper, easier to sharpen, but don't hold their edge as long, and will rust, if they aren't wiped dry. Buy a steel, this is a piece of metal with a handle. it is not a sharpener, it used to straighten out your edge. use a stone to sharpen your knives.(whole nother story)


You will an easier time if the fish is scaled, I know it's annoying and makes a mess, but it is signifigantly easier, once you get good you can do it however you want, plus striper skin crisps up nicely. Also cooking the fish with the skin on keeps the meat moist since most all of the fat is in between the filet and the skin. once the fish is done cooking simlply peel off the skin, scrape the coagulated fat and blood of if you r squeamish, add salt and fresh ground pepper,lemon from a real lemon, not that s**t in the plastic lemon shape bottle, good olive oil. thats it.


start the fish with the right side on your surface, left eye up. Place a wet rag or towel under the fish, this will keep it from sliding around and can be dangerous. the rest is practice, thats it. when you come down the spine on the first side the knife, you should feel the blade clicking against the bone, that's the sweet spot. You don't want a thin flexible knife, you want something like a boning knife, but with a little more flex. Also you don't have to break the rib bones, you can filet over them and still keep the belly flap attached to the filet. If I do catch a legal fishcwm27.gif , and decide to keep it, I'll post a video and you can either take it for what it's worth or you can tell me to stick it where the sun don't shine, either way I'll still be your friendtongue.gif

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View PostWhats a good fillet knife? I've always used the rapalas and I think they are poor quality.


They are, but I suppose if you take care of it, it's better then nothing. The key is to have a sharp knife with med flex. you don't want a knife where the blade bends to a 45 degree angle w/o breaking. this is for stripers and most round fish. now for flat fish like fluke and halibut, you definetly want a more flexible knife



check out dexter-russell, they're not bad for starters


for skinning the filet you want a longer and straighter





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View PostWhats a good fillet knife? I've always used the rapalas and I think they are poor quality.


Cutco's Fishermen's Solution is one of the best knives I've used, I would go as far to say it will beat most knives. It comes with it's own case which has a sharpener right on it and the case turns into a plier to hold the fish by its mouth as you filet. The blade extends from 6 to 9 inches. You won't find this knife in stores, have to find a Cutco Rep in your area. The knife has a life time warranty.







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I've heard nothing but good thing anout the Dexter Russell white-handle knives.


I've had one for YEARS. I guess at some point I'll have to keep some fish cwm27.gif

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