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So I saw this fly and wondered......

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I don't see why they wouldn't work, considering that hammered spoons are a standard hard bait for stripers and blues in the fall. I know spoon flies are frequently used for redfish in the gulf states. I think that second batch would be dynamite if the stripers were grubbing for crabs or sand fleas.

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Spoons are great flies for fishing blitzes. Cast the fly into the maylay and just let it sink. The wobbling motion back and forth drives them crazy. Retrieve them with quick long strips with a long pause between. Be careful when casting, use as few false casts as possible, if any at all. The shape tends to spin the fly in the air hence twisting your leader.

Just fish'en around!
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we use these for reds; they luv em. there are all different kinds; maybe i can make an image of several; last one i was taught to make was from plastic cut from sunny delight bottle. that one has the shank on topside of plastic and it rides hook up/weedless much better; that is essential for reds in the grass. these seem like fake finger nails on a hook.40.gif

Still chasin' tail
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They work on just about everything, the problem is they're a serious pain in the butt to fabricate. Pharangeal crushers are also a problem. Junebug ties some very pretty spoons, but I feel bad using them because they get killed so fast. I know one single solitary individual who ties an "indestructible" spoonfly, it doesn't look as nice as Junebugs, but it does work and it's hard to kill.




"Talent does what it can, genius does what it has to"
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