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Duane S

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While attending the Wilson Whirligig Festivel today, we took the opportunity to "vote early". First time that we've done that, but it was a nice day, and we couldn't think of a reason to NOT vote early.


We waited in line about 30 minutes, which is usually about the wait at my local precinct.


I strongly believe in voting. If you don't vote, then don't let me hear your bitching about the results.


Of course, in my mind, as soon as I cast my vote for President, it was a done deal. smile.gif


If you agree with my vote, then support us by voting on Tuesday.


If you disagree with my vote, then don't waste your time. frown.gif


Oh, I didn't tell you WHO I voted for did I? (and I will not)


This may be the biggest voter turnout for a presidential election ever.


The point I'm trying to make here is that YOU need to vote, to make YOUR opinion count.


I'll accept the results, however it turns out, and retain FULL pride or bitching rights.


If you don't vote, then shut up.

Duane S, Wilson, NC
NCBBA & OBPA Life member
A bad day on the Outer Banks beats a good day at work.
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What is amazing about this election, aside from the first African-America running for President on one of the major parties' ticket, or the 2nd woman to run for VP, is the voter turn out. There are millions of young and new voters who are paying attention to the democratic process this time around. Nothing makes me lose respect for a person faster than when I hear them say, "I don't vote."

Politics is like driving - it's "R" to go backwards, and "D" to go forward.
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