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Catching or Killing a Groundhog

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without a gun - don't have the time to wait / stalk.


Have a groundhog den right along the foundation of a second property.

1 hole in and 1 out, about 15' away from each other.


Water to get it(them?) out and kill is obviously out - next to the foundation.


I can set up a large Hav-a-hart but bait it with what? I've only seen them eat grass and there's plenty of that outside of the trap.


Any serious ideas?



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View PostThey used to sell smoke bombs for ground hogs, I don't know if they are still available. Your suposed to cover al the holes with rocks and drop a smoke bomb in each hole. Works real well!


Road flares work too...wink.gif

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Transporting a live animal is a big deal. Plus this would not be the time of year to drive around and look for a spot, Hunters are in the woods. I hate to see you drop one off and run into a game warden. And believe me NH game wardens are above the law, I know first hand.


So smoke them! They sell smoke bombs for this, or u could just watch them do what the do and be on your way. In a few weeks u want even see them anymore until spring.

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If you have two holes ,You have Two Familys, had the same problem at my camp, I let go at first thinking what harm could it do. Well when my slab cracked in the corner it was time for them to go. Try it all, traped and release 2-miles away , back in 2-days. Gave up on have a hart, Smoke bomes worked well and still have some.cwm40.gif

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Here's what worked for me. When I knew the groundhog was in his hole, I threaded a length of aquarium vinyl tubing down into the hole. Backfilled the hole with dirt, watered it a bit for an "air tight" seal. The, hooked up my end of the tubing to a can of "canned air" computer duster stuff. Invert can and discharge the whole thing in there. No smoke, no fires and no more groundhog. biggrin.gif

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