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accurate spinning reel

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View PostI heard they had a lot of problems with them. Someone on this board had a couple and didnt like them after a while. I forgot who it was maybe they will chime in.



It was Ditch Devil's buddy K-man (who doesn't own a computer, I'm sure). He gave up on it after 2 seasons and replaced it with a VS 275.


He actually had two Accurates---one was stolen, but he had the same problem with both--something involving the handle bushing.


Maybe Ditch Devil will chime in when he sees this.

"…if catching fish is your only objective, you are either new to the game or too narrowly focused on measurable results.” - D. Stuver

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Something that is not widely known about these reels is that the gear box is a less refined carbon copy of Daiwa Saltiga's, and the drag change while keeping the setting is copied from Ryobi Metaroyal fishing Safari.


As for the problems, here is the list


The first patch of them had a hilarious problem: bail wire was too short so that when the spool with fully forward, you could not open the bail because it would hit the drag knob.


The screw in the handle joint is known to become loose during fishing.


Drag gives an erratic performance if set light, and if set heavy, the starting inertia is unusually high. That is if the drag is set to xx pressure, at the beginning of the fight the pressure required for the spool to start moving rises to xxx, then it will keep running at the original xx pressure.


Many have complained about the factory knob's dimensions and had to replace it out of box.


I know of 2 reels that had a bail arm breakage.


Heavy, and the gears' whirring makes you appreciate not only the Japanese stuff, but also Fin Nor ahabs.


They are good as charter boat stock, but not for a user who wants a fine reel. Add $50 and buy a Stella SW, or buy a Saltiga and save yourself $250.

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I have the Twinspin 20. Used it on my boat about 6 times this summer. It is heavy. But it is really rugged. The drag takes some time getting used to - there is a knob in the middle that locks the setting. It is a little difficult to move one without turning the other as well. I like the grip, but I don't have huge hands (for any of you that golf I wear a medium large cadet size glove).

All I caught on it were bluefish - they wern't much of a challange on that winch smile.gif

I wish I had taken Jason's advice at J&D and gone with the Twinspin 12 - can't stop that bigger is better thought process.

Hoped to try it out on something larger next year, but I picked up a 2008 Stella 8000 recently - so I may end up selling it or just keeping it as a reserve.

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