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Black Talon Tutelage

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for the last ......... i have had the pleasure going over every part of the plug building process with Jason(first2wins). its nice to sit down with somebody who has the fire to learn and always try his bestsmile.gif Jason also posess some airbrush skills as you can see in the pic below. killer job for his first time blowing pigmentclapping.gif


here is the thread on how it all started



Jasons first plug. 6in.long at 3.0oz. this bad boy is going to get ripped apart tonightwink.gif




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Thats an awesome & very clean looking plug.. Of course we cant ALL be lucky enough to get taken under Talons wing..haha.. Well maybe you can produce an instructional DVD??..!

Great stuff~


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Thanks, I was thinking solid colors, but that was just as simple. It was my first time with an air brush and at first I didn't believe paint was coming out.


I am getting better with the tools and have more confidence in getting what is in my head turned in wood. I have turned so many shapes over the past few months just to practice, it is fun and addictive.


But I think painting may be just as addictive.


Thanks again Keith


More to come.....


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Wow, I haven't been on this board for a while and I missed out on this great story.


What a lucky guy to have run into Black Talon as a mentor. It is hard to imagine, let alone articulate, how many problems the student will avoid and how many shortcuts and great techniques he'll be privy to.


I experienced something similar. If you've heard this story from me before, please forgive me...


About two years ago, after a day of musky fishing. I was in the process of loading the boat on the trailer when another boat pulled up and one of the guys on that boat says the usual, "Did you do any good out there today." I answered that we'd boated three muskies. The other fisherman inquired as to what baits I had used and I answered, "You've never heard of them, they're baits that I make."


He then actually asked if I was "vc1111," which is the other handle I use online. He'd actually seen a few of my baits online and was pretty excited about getting a chance to see the baits.


He asked if I would take a few minutes and explain how I build the baits and so I did. I took about 20 minutes and explained the process and answered questions for him.


Later he emailed me with additional questions and began sending me pictures of his work, which I found to be absolutely stunning. He was incorporating processes into his work that NO ONE had ever considered and making truly unique baits.


To make a long story short, his name is Tigger and today we are great friends. We talk at least once a week and we fish together now and then even though he lives some distance from me. We've done a few lure building "seminars" together at local outdoors and fishing expositions. A while back Tigger decided to go into business selling a few of his baits and they often command well over $100 a piece; the other day one brought nearly $200 on ebay...they are that beautiful.


Its funny how things work. You give something away and you get something back every time. I have made a great friend and the best part is that in the process we've found so much in common besides building lures. On a weekly basis, we share new ideas, painting techniques, materials, methods of building, supply sources, and on and on.


Anyway, BT, I really enjoyed this story of yours. Your new student friend is one lucky guy!

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