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I just got 3 t-bone plugsheart.gifdrool.gifheart.gifdrool.gif 2 oz weakfish big O, 3oz weakfish big O and a purple yellow scale 2oz big O. What beauties! I had been trying to trade and find a couple here, people told me to pm Charger but I did not want to violate Tim's rules. I paid a high price on ebay but these things are pieces of art. I am almost afraid to fish em. I will be swimming one soon.cwm40.gifbiggrin.gif


Charger if you read this, Nice Job!!!clapping.gifclapping.gif



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there's a big-o hybrid in there, and to the left is an old "sidekick" type swimmer. i owned a few of the regular big-o's but after swimming them, they didn't have the action i liked. they wiggled tooo tight, but this sidekick thing wanders and wiggles and rolls and it's just unreal, i know i'm gonna slay on it this year.

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