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Coolers -- "marine" or regular?

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I hope this is not an inane question, but what are the functional differences between a "marine" cooler and your basic cooler, that justify the significant price difference?


Stainless hardware appears to be one, but that cannot possibly account for the large price difference.




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Don't know about the regular coolers, but I have had one problem with the Marine coolers that surprised me given their price and alleged high quality construction. The lid hinges on the back of the cooler body are screwed into the body cooler with dinky screws. The screwws pull out with any kind of bumps on an open lid. If you try to screw it back on, the screw won't hold because the hole it went into is now larger. I had to drll holes in my cooler body and bolt the hinge on to salvage an almost new cooler. If the screw comes out of the lid, I don't know what I'll do as the same approach won't work there.

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I have both, most of the guys I know have replaced the plastic latches with window sash locks or stainless hasps. As far a keeping ice for a long period of time nothing beats the "Ultimate Coolers" by Coleman I purchased last year. No BS five days camping on the beach in August, and I still had ice left from the block. That was chilling numerous bottles of Corona, Heniken, and a bag of ice for Margaritas. Trouble is the biggest they make is about 60 quarts. I wish they would make something about fish box size for the cooler rack.






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